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(8) 2-Bedroom / 2-Bathroom Apartments : $575 / month * (unfurnished)

  • One bedroom in a 2 BR / 2 BA unit is available immediately.  There is currently a male Elon student in the other bedroom

  • 6 full 2 BR / 2 BA apartments will be available beginning June 1, 2023

(2) 4-Bedroom / 4.5-Bathroom Penthouse Apartments:  $675 / month * (furnished living/dining)

  • Leased through 2022-23 school year.   

  • 2 bedrooms are coming available in female 4-bedroom apartment for 2023-24 school year.

*  Additional furnishings (bedroom and/or living/dining area) can be added upon request for an additional fee.  Please inquire.  

*  Rent price includes high speed internet, cable, water/sewer, trash, and washer/dryer in unit

Tours:  Tours of apartments are available upon request


Start Date : Leases typically start on June 1.  In some cases, there are apartments that are available for a January 1 start date

Lease length:  Leases are for 12 months.  They may be extended beyond the 12 months for additional semester(s) if desired

Who's on the lease:  Each student has their own individual lease agreement.  Therefore, for a 2-bedroom apartment, for instance, there will be 2 separate lease agreements in place - one for each resident.

Co-signors:  Parental co-signing will be necessary where an applicant cannot demonstrate the availability of funds (whether that be employment income, loan funds available, savings, etc.)

What's Included:  Included with your rent price is high speed internet, cable, water/sewer, trash service, washer/dryer and all major kitchen appliances.  In some units, furnishings are included in your rent price.  Electricity is not included in the rent, and typically runs $40/person/month

Deposit:  Deposits are required in the amount of 1 month's rent. This is due at the time of signing your 1 year lease agreement. Your lease is not accepted until this deposit is submitted. 

How to Pay Rent:  Our preferred methods for rent payment are electronic (Zelle or Venmo), or we also accept personal checks


Subletting :  The Tenant will ultimately be responsible for their lease during the entire lease period.  If a student is pursuing a semester abroad, bedrooms can be sublet during the semester abroad. The sublet must be pre-approved by Victoria Station owners, with the sublettee going through a complete application process.

Renter's Insurance:  Renter's insurance is required with a liability rider.  This is to protect residents' personal belongings from loss.

Pets:  No pets are allowed at Victoria Station

Smoking:  Smoking is not allowed in Victoria Station apartments


Electricity :  Duke Energy  (800) 777-9898

Cable / Internet (Included) :   No need to set up.  Utility is connected automatically

Spectrum  (336) 261-6760

Water/Sewer (Included) :  No need to set up.  Utility is connected automatically

Town of Gibsonville   (336) 449-4144

Trash (Included) :  No need to set up.  Utility is connected automatically

Republic Services   (336) 724-0842 

* Note:  Heat is electric, so no gas utility is needed

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